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2000 - 2005


 September, 2000 - Bernie's Orchestra, PNC Bank Arts Center




9/26/2003 - Bernie's Orchestra, along with the Bayern-Verein Dancers perform at the Canoe Brook Country Club for a private Oktoberfest party.





9/27/2003 - Bernie's Orchestra, together with the Edelweiss-Passaic Dancers, rock the house and teach some of the audience members how to do a traditional Schuhplattler dance for a private Oktoberfest celebration for Our Savior Lutheran Church in Fairlawn, NJ.



The Deutsche Club, Clark, NJ - (9/13/2003) - Bernie's Orchestra and BOTH the Bayern-Verein Adult and Kid's Dance Groups perform to a PACKED Pavilion. The Bayern-Verein kid's Kinder Group showed some of us adults a thing or two about Schuhplattler dancing! And the Bayern-Verein, in conjunction with the Deutsche Club of Clark, sure know how to throw a party! Do NOT miss their next event!  




The Hofbrauhaus Restaurant, Atlantic Highlands, NJ - (10/04/03) - The Hofbrauhaus annual Oktoberfest season is in full swing as Bernie's Orchestra plays to a full house! We ROCKED the place with traditional German folk tunes, waltzes, American ballads, rock & roll, our Alpine Horn show, and the superb dancing of the Edelweiss-Passaic Dance Group.      




Priedaine Latvian Society, Freehold, NJ (June, 2004) - Bernie's Orchestra performs for the Latvian Society's annual Summer Concert & Picnic. (Click on the link below to view image and your browser's <back> button to return.)



Germania Park, Dover, NJ - (12/18/04) - Music Director Johanna Teubner-Prussak leads the Chorus for the club's 2004 Christmas concert and celebration. The Big Guy himself, a Mr. S. Claus, drops by,  and Bernie's Orchestra supplies the Dance music.



Trenton/Yardville German Club, Yardville, NJ - (12/31/2004) - The New Year's Eve revelers supply the energy and Bernie's Orchestra supplies the Music to help ring in 2005 for the Club's annual New Year's Eve Gala Celebration!



Germania Park, Dover, NJ - (2/5/2005) - It's Mardi Gras time, and Germania Park honors the tradition with its CARNIVAL celebration! The house was packed, the costumes were terrific, and the music --- by Bernie's Orchestra! (See if you can spot Allyson, Michelle and Bob, just some of the club's fantastic staff!) If you've never been to Germania Park, you truly don't know what you're missing!





Bayern-Verein 75th Anniversary Gala - (3/5/2005) Kenilworth, NJ  - The Dancers came from all over the tri-state area ---- and what an unbelievable sight! ---- there were HUNDREDS of them, young and old, and dressed to the hilt for Schuplattler dancing! All gathered for this all-day celebration in honor of the Bayern-Verein's 75th Anniversary. Congratulations, and thank you for letting Bernie's Orchestra be a part of this wonderful occasion! 



Carlstadt Turnverein Boch Bier Fest - (3/19/2005) Carlstadt, NJ - What better reason to throw a party than BEER? (ANY kind of Beer?) And if it's time for a party, the Carlstadt Turnverein knows how to do it RIGHT, especially for the celebration to honor this wonderful creation. The Beer is served up by the club staff, and the dance music is served up by Bernie's Orchestra!



Priedaine Latvian Society Annual Summer Picnic - (6/25/2005) Freehold, NJ - Bernie's Orchestra supplies the music for evening dancing under the stars for the Society's annual Summer bash, an event we look forward to every year! 



The Flanders Swim & Sport Club annual German Heritage Day summer bash - (7/10/2005) Flanders, NJ - We had absolutely perfect weather and a variety of home-grown, locally brewed beers on tap from our friends at the Ramstein and Climax breweries! And we're pleased to report that Bernie's Orchestra was strategically stationed directly beside the beer truck! (What a stroke of good fortune, no?)  A specially-brewed keg of beer was tapped from it's special oak barrel (an annual tradition here), and D'HeimatsGruppe / Young German American Club Dancers entertained the guests. Music supplied by Bernie's Orchestra!



The Deutsche Club, Clark, NJ - (9/10/2005) - The Bayern-Verein Schuplattler Dance Groups do it yet again! The weather was superb for an outdoor event, and the place was jumpin'! The dancers again performed to a packed pavilion, with music supplied throughout the evening by yours truly, Bernie's Orchestra. If you've never been to one of the Deutsche Club's public events, with a full selection of food, drink & entertainment, you owe it to yourself to attend! Many thanks to the Club for their hospitality! Many thanks to Joe for a fantastic job of filling in with the band on reeds!



Vereinigung Erzgebirge, Warminster, PA - Oktoberfest Spectacular! - (9/11/2005) - Bernie's Orchestra performs into the evening for upwards of 2,500 people that turned out on Sunday for the Club's Oktoberfest! The outdoor festival was held over the entire weekend in absolutely perfect weather! Along with Bernie & Company, the Philadelphia Brass also performs. If you missed it, make sure you mark your calendars for next year's fest!




Germania Park, Dover, NJ - Steuben / Oktoberfest Weekend, 9/18/05 - We truly hate to see the outdoor festival season come to an end this year. The dancers were out in force, as Bernie's Orchestra performs into the evening to a packed pavilion at Germania Park for their annual outdoor, end-of-summer bash! The Bayern-Verein Dance Group were there as well, demonstrating to some 'volunteers' from the crowd how to do the 'Figure Dance', an authentic German folk dance (to the delight of the audience!)






Canoe Brook Country Club, Summit, NJ - Annual Oktoberfest, 9/30/05 - A wonderful setting, elegant dinner, dancing, and music by Bernie's Orchestra!




The Deutsche Club, Clark, NJ - (10/8/2005) - Annual Oktoberfest Dance - Bernie's Orchestra keeps them dancing until late in the evening for the Club's annual Fall extravaganza!



Edelweis Westchester, Westchester, NY - 10/09/05 - Annual Oktoberfest Celebration in Valhalla, NY- A packed house, at least half-a-dozen Schuhplattler dance groups from both New York and New Jersey, great food and beverage, and music by Bernie's Orchestra! Thanks so much for having us in! We had a blast!





The Hofbrauhaus Restaurant, Atlantic Highlands, NJ - (10/29/05) - I ask you, what would Oktoberfest Season be without a trip (or TWO, or THREE) to the Hofbrauhaus (Bernie's Orchestra's FAVORITE German Restaurant, by the way), with simply the BEST German food, the BEST imported German beers, and the BEST home-grown German music to be had anywhere! The season is in full swing as Bernie's Orchestra and the Edelweiss-Passaic Dance Group entertain. If you've never been, Oktoberfest at the Hofbrauhaus is a MUST! Just click on the link above for directions, menu, and schedule of events (check out the special events for the holidays and year-round!).




The Hofbrauhaus Restaurant, Atlantic Highlands, NJ - (11/06/05) - I ask you again, what would Oktoberfest Season be without a trip (or TWO, or THREE) to the Hofbrauhaus (Bernie's Orchestra's FAVORITE German Restaurant!)? The boys had the place hoppin' yet again, as did the Gebirgstrachten Verien "Almrausch", original and genuine Bavarian Schuhplattler Dancers direct from Philadelphia! Check the Hofbrauhaus schedule of special events throughout the fall and for the holidays by clicking on the link above---it is a MUST SEE!





New Year's Eve - (12/31/2005) - Bernie's Orchestra rings in 2006 at St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Rahway, NJ, where the dancing started with the first note of the evening, and did not stop until the last note. At last count, we believe that this was the 36th New Year (possibly a few more!) that Bernie's Orchestra has helped to usher in! To the folks at St. Thomas, THANK YOU for letting us be a part of your New Year's Eve celebration. We truly enjoyed it!